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Could your organization benefit from free nonprofit consulting?

Of course you could!

Your nonprofit or foundation invests with a wealth manager to grow existing funds and better fulfill its mission. But is meeting financial goals all that your organization receives? What if you could get more from your wealth manager?

Imagine if your wealth manager returned some of ITS resources back to YOUR organization. If it provided high-quality, free nonprofit consulting services, from a diverse, hand-picked network of professionals.

Sound almost too good to be true? Then keep reading!

Impact Consulting Team

The Impact Consulting Team is an amazing network of independent non-profit development consultants. The Team is a corporate and social responsibility initiative offered to clients of Next Generation Wealth Planning (NGWP).

And I am proud and excited to be a member of this great team!

NGWP is a wealth advisory with deep expertise helping foundations and nonprofits like yours. Their mission is to both grow and preserve your money, and to provide added development resources, through the Impact Consulting Team, to help you meet your mission or the mission of organizations you support.

Here’s how it works: Like all wealth managers, NGWP charges your organization management fees. Unlike others, however, NGWP donates time with the Impact Consulting Team back to your organization. Your amount of time with the Impact Consulting Team is proportional to the assets under management with NGWP.

free nonprofit consulting and wealth management graphic


Your organization benefits from this arrangement in several important ways :

  • Top-notch wealth management from NGWP
  • Free nonprofit consulting with experienced Impact Consulting Team professionals
  • Access to the Impact Consulting Team for continued consultations


Contact me for more information about free nonprofit consulting through the Impact Consulting Team. Or check out