Mike was accepted into NJ Nonprofits Consultants Collaborative

Mike is thrilled to be accepted into the NJ Nonprofits Consultants Collaborative (NPCC), a group of professionals dedicated to improving their craft and providing the best possible experiences to our clients based on our individual and shared experiences and resources. The members of this group have made our strong existing network even stronger, and there have already been shared opportunities and projects with members of this group.

Space Station Ambassador

Space Station Explorers logo

Mike is very excited to be named a Space Station Ambassador through the CASIS Space Station Educator Ambassador Program. The program gives Mike access to specially developed resources for youth to learn about science initiatives in space and especially experiments happening on board the International Space Station! In exchange, Mike gets to help review educational materials and recruit pilot sites when needed, as well as serving as an advocate for science education in all settings.

Info for NJ Makers Day 2017

NJ Maker Day robot logoNew Jersey Makers Day (NJMD) is an all-ages statewide event celebrating STE(A)M, with the mission of exposing, enriching, and empowering our communities through maker culture. Our initiative serves as a grass-roots community based initiative for showcasing all the wonderful organizations and opportunities in education, manufacturing, enrichment programs, and business and entrepreneurship specifically here in New Jersey. Continue…

Franklin Institute/GSK Science in the Summer

Mike is proud and excited to be partnering with the Franklin Institute to develop this summer’s GSK Science in the Summer™ program, a nationwide summer program providing STEM opportunities to youth in grades 2 through 6. Activities are currently being piloted and evaluated, and revisions will be happening shortly. For more information on GSK Science in the Summer™ in the Philadelphia area please see www.fi.edu/gsk-science-summer.