Public & Charter Schools

MacEwan Consulting has public school experience ranging from the classroom to the school board. In addition, Michael MacEwan has served on exploratory and advisory committees for several charter schools.

Our services to public and charter school clients include:

  • Training and coaching staff in inquiry-based pedagogy and strategies across all curriculum content areas, working to help provide links between seemingly disparate topics. Professional development to district staff on a wide range of topics. Coaching and mentoring, and/or development of peer to peer mentoring programs for staff.
  • Guidance on incorporating STEM/STEAM into your district, including integrating these topics across the curriculum and creation of Maker Spaces within your buildings.
  • Guidance on creating, expanding, or maintaining afterschool programs with the goal of supporting student learning while youth are in your care. Guidance can include logistics of program operation and potential funding sources, including federal monies allocated to districts.
  • Curriculum writing for school day and afterschool programs that help provide continuity to student learning.
  • Creating afterschool programming that supports student learning and success.
  • Family engagement strategies.